Welcome New Amiibo

Animal Crossing New Leaf-Welcome New Amiibo is the latest version of Acnl. This updated version adds in support for all Animal Crossing new leaf series, Cards, and Amibo figures. In this, the villagers can call depicted villager to an RV campsite.

Welcome new Amiibo is the Free update by Nintendo which is available now. To enjoy new Animal crossing new leaf Welcome Amiibo you have to just update your game and all your figures and cards become compatible with this game. just have to Tap an Animal Crossing Amibo Card to invite the character in the picture to your Campsite. This is the perfect time to enjoy this game more than before and discover the new things every day. you can Simply express your self, live a life the way you want, you can enjoy Halloween, can prank with other villagers. You can catch fishes and sell them to Earn Bells.

Welcome New Amiibo

You can get a haircut, eye shape, and color. Build a new house. Here you can catch Bugs and other Undersea things by Diving in the Sea and many more. Here is a complete video about the New update of Animal Crossing new leaf installation and gameplay.i have written complete Acnl Guide Here.

Difference Between Animal Crossing New Leaf and Amiibos Update

In this latest update, you can invite villagers to your town

  • Interact with other villagers also contains a brand-new RV campsite
  • Build your dream world however you want, Better than Before.
  • Customize Character
  • Customize home
  • Customize Character
  • Amibo Cards to Enjoy the game more and can add more characters.
  • Take a Screenshot of your favorite part of the game whenever you want.
  • Extra Home Decorations.

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