Acnl Tips

Some Awesome Animal Crossing New Leaf Tips only Experts Knows. These Acnl Tips and Secrets you must know to enjoy Animal Crossing new leaf.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Tips and Secrets

  • Fishes Will does not nibble more than 5 times
  • For Extra Space store items in letters
  • Set the Date and Time Accurately on your 3DS
  • Stay slow in Collecting Bells, Don’t go for cheats to collect more bells at once. You will start getting bored.
  • Take a conversation with townsfolk Everyday
  • Explore and visit your town daily
  • Donate high what you catch right away
  • Try to visit the island regularly

  • Ask about citizen Satisfaction to your Secretary
  • Buy Shrub
  • Make an Instagram account and follow your Acnl fellows
  • Discuss everything with villagers
  • Donate museum Things

animal crossing new leaf tips.

  • Lock up Eye Charts and Hair
  • Read all guides and answer wisely and get a favorite shape of your character like hairstyle/ hair color/ makeup etc
  • Spend all your money when Turnip prices are low
  • Play bonus turbo Round

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