Acnl Fish Guide [Strategy]

Animal crossing new leaf fish guide [Strategy]

Here is the complete guide of Animal crossing new leaf fish Guide which will help you to understand which fish is more in price, availability, and location. In order to catch these fishes, you must have a Fishing Rod you can purchase a fishing rod in just 500 bells from Nookling General Store. you can take advice from Isabel the counter girl at Town Hall all you have to do is just ask him that you are interested in Fishing. Once you buy the Rod just start hunting by searching for fish shadows. These can be in the sea, pool. river etc. Below I have created a complete Chart which will help you to find the fish availability, I have written their names, Price, picture, which time they will be available and in which month these fishes will be available as these fishes are available as per the seasons and weather, time of day etc in Animal Crossing New Leaf.


How to Catch a Fish in ACNL

While Facing the water Equip your Rod And Press Button A. Fish will start going for Bait. Now you have to watch the Floater whenever it goes completely underwater. Immediately press A again to reel in Fish.



1.Dont Press Button Too Late or too early in both cases the fish will be disappeared and you have to find a new Target from start

2.No fish will nibble more than five times. If they reach four, they will always bite on the fifth approach.

3.No need to stand on the Edges of River or Beach. You can move back a bit.

There are 72 types of fishes available in the ACNL game. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf comes up with some exciting features to enjoy the game very well. Fishing is one of the best features of this game. Players have always opportunities to catch the best catchable things. Its a good Acnl Tips of generating Bells. You can sell these catchable to Retail or donate them to the Museum. You can also trade them with villagers.

Here is the complete Chart of Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Guide.

Serial #Fish NamesPricesFish ShadowImageLocationTime of Availability
1Bitterling900TinyRiverAll day
2Pale Chub160TinyRiver9AM - 4PM
3Crucian Carp120SmallRiverAll day
4Dace200MediumRiver4PM - 9AM
5Barbel Steed200MediumRiverAll day
6Carp300MediumRiverAll day
7Koi4000MediumRiver4PM - 9AM
8Goldfish1300TinyRiverAll day
9Popeyed Goldfish1300TinyRiver9AM - 4PM
10Killifish240TinyHolding pondAll day
11Crawfish200SmallHolding pondAll day
12Soft-Shelled Turtle3750MediumRiver4PM - 9AM
13Tadpole100TinyHolding pondAll day
14Frog120Small1Holding pondAll day
15Freshwater Goby300SmallRiver4PM - 9AM
16Loach300Small-mediumRiverAll day
17Catfish800MediumRiver pool4PM - 9AM
18Eel2000Long & thinRiver4PM - 9AM
19Giant Snakehead5500LargeRiver9AM - 4PM
20Bluegill120SmallRiver4AM - 9PM
21Yellow Perch240Small-mediumRiverAll day
22Black Bass300LargeRiverAll day
23Pike1800Medium-largeRiver4AM - 9PM
24Pond Smelt300SmallRiverAll day
25Sweetfish900Small-mediumRiver9AM - 4PM
26Cherry Salmon1000Small-mediumRiverMarch-June: 4AM - 9AM & 4PM - 9PM
27Char3800Small-mediumWaterfallMarch-June: 4AM - 9AM & 4PM - 9PM
28Rainbow Trout800MediumRiverMarch-June: 4AM - 9AM & 4PM - 9PM
29Stringfish15000LargeRiver4PM - 9AM
30Salmon700LargeRiver and oceanAll day
31King Salmon1800HugeRiver mouthAll day
32Mitten Crab2000SmallRiver4PM - 9AM
33Guppy1300TinyRiver9AM - 4PM
34Nibble Fish1200TinyRiver9AM - 4PM
35Angelfish3000SmallRiver4PM - 9AM
36Neon Tetra500TinyRiver9AM - 4PM
37Piranha2500SmallRiver9AM - 4PM & 9PM - 4AM
38Arowana10000MediumRiver4PM - 9AM
39Dorado15000Very largeRiver4AM - 9PM
40Gar6000HugeRiver pool4PM - 9AM
41Arapaima10000HugeRiver4PM - 9AM
42Saddled Bichir4000LargeRiver9PM - 4AM
43Sea Butterfly1000TinyOceanAll day
44Seahorse1100TinyCoconut.gif OceanAll day
45Clownfish650TinyCoconut.gif OceanAll day
46Surgeonfish1000SmallCoconut.gif OceanAll day
47Butterfly Fish1000SmallOceanAll day
48Napoleonfish10000HugeCoconut.gif OceanAll day
49Zebra Turkeyfish400MediumCoconut.gif OceanAll day
50Blowfish125MediumOcean9PM - 4AM
51Puffer Fish240MediumCoconut.gif OceanAll day
52Horse Mackerel150SmallOceanAll day
53Barred Knifejaw5000MediumCoconut.gif OceanAll day
54Sea Bass160Very largeOceanAll day
55Red Snapper3000MediumOceanAll day
56Dab300MediumOceanAll day
57Olive Flounder800LargeOceanAll day
58Squid400SmallCoconut.gif OceanAll day
59Moray Eel2000Very largeCoconut.gif OceanAll day
60Ribbon Eel600ThinTortimer IslandAll day
61Football Fish2500LargeOcean4PM - 9AM
62Tuna7000HugeOceanAll day
63Blue Marlin10000HugeCoconut.gif OceanAll day
64Giant Trevally4500HugeTortimer IslandAll day
65Ray3000HugeCoconut.gif Ocean4AM - 9PM
66Ocean Sunfish4000Huge (with fin)Coconut.gif Ocean4AM - 9PM
67Hammerhead Shark8000Huge (with fin)Coconut.gif Ocean4PM - 9AM
68Shark15000Huge (with fin)Coconut.gif OceanAll day
69Saw Shark12000Huge (with fin)Coconut.gif Ocean4PM - 9AM
70Whale Shark13000Huge (with fin)Tortimer IslandAll day
71Oarfish9000HugeOceanAll day
72Coelacanth15000HugeOcean14PM - 9AM
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