Animal Crossing New leaf Face guide

Acnl Face Guide & Face Style 

There is an option of selecting Face shape and face look for your character in Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide. In the Start of Acnl when you are on the Train With Rover and you have selected your name and Gender. You will be asked for Three Questions By Rover, The way you answer will change your character’s Appearance. Here is the Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide that will help you to give the right answer and get your favorite desired face shape and face look in ACNL.  Following is a Table of the Question and Answers as Acnl Guide and their appeared faced Shapes that may appear when you select them.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide

There are 24 faces/ shapes available in ACNL, 12 for male and 12 for female After Getting one of them you will step off from the Train. Your Character’s starting clothes will also depend on your Data if its summer then clothes will be different and if its winter then your character will be wearing full sleeves.

In Acnl you can also change your hairstyle, Hair color, and Eye Shape. I have written a complete guide on Animal Crossing New Leaf Hair Guide, Animal Crossing new leaf eye guide etc. Following is the Table with pictures and questions that can be helpful in selecting the right Acnl Character’s face shape and face style.

AnswerAnswer # 2Answer # 3MaleFemale
It's a secret!I'm moving thereYupanimal crossing new leaf face shape (17)
It's a secret!I'm moving thereNo, I'm serious, yo
I've never been thereI'm movingI'll get a place there.
I've never been thereI'm movingI'm sure I'll be fine
I've never been thereCan't sayYou guessed it
I've never been thereCan't say! How'd you know?
I don't rememberI'm movingYes, probably
I don't rememberI'm movingNo, that's not it at all
I don't rememberI don't rememberYeah, I think I will
I don't rememberI don't rememberI'll let fate decide
It's a secret!Duh, it's a SECRETYou got it
It's a secret!Duh, it's a SECRETPretty sharp


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