Animal Crossing New leaf Eye Color Guide

Animal Crossing new leaf game by Nintendo’s offers you to change the color of your character. Here is the Complete Guide on Animal Crossing New Leaf Eye Color guide through which you can select the right color for your character’s eyes.

You can change your player’s eye color in Shampoodle saloon but after two weeks until the first change of your haircut and answering a few questions you will be charged 3000 Bell for a single time eye color change. I have mentioned all the questions and answers in Acnl eye guide so choose your answer wisely and get the best color you want for your player.

But you can not change your eye color if you get the haircut on the same day. The eye color will change with contact lens actually you will spend 3000 bells for the contact lens. These bells will be given to “Harriet” the guy in shampoodle after the 14 days of your game and after getting at least one haircut from this saloon.

The player will ask certain Questions just like I mentioned in Animal crossing new Leaf Hair Guide for changing hair colors and Acnl face guide. But this time you will get a different eye color not the Hair color or haircut etc. Once you paid 3000 bells there will be no refund and it’s just available in your own town and the gates should be closed.

ACNL Eye Color Guide

Here is the list of Answers you have to choose to get favorite eye color for your character I have mentioned the answers just pick the right one as per your choice.

Answer #1Answer # 2Eye Color
The endless oceanA cold, wintry ocean.
The large trees.Their sturdy trunks.
The large trees.Their endless shade.
The large trees.Their abundant leaves.
The vast sky.Like rain was coming.
The vast sky.Pitch black.
The endless oceanA tropical, blue ocean.
The vast sky.A clear, blue sky.
The endless ocean.An ocean of coral.
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