Diving Guide Acnl

A Wet Suit is Required to Diving in Animal Crossing New Leaf. With the Animal crossing new leaf diving guide you can get many catchable things it’s just like Bugs and Fishes, You Acnl Player will driving down the River and when you find any shadow in the river you have to follow and catch these things while swimming underwater.

Just like the other things like fishes and bugs you can sell them and also donate them to the museum as well. which will be further displayed for the exhibition’s Creatures are introduced in Japanese addition the sea creature name may be changed in the American addition but their value, Shape, and location etc will be same on both Additions.

What if I don’t have a Wetsuit in ACNL?

if you have no divine suit don’t worry you can lend out a Rental Wet Suit in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Here is the Complete Table of Under Sea Creature, Their Value/ Prices, Shadow, movement and time etc. You can Read this animal Crossing new leaf diving Guide to Earn and collect more Sea Creatures.

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List of Sea Creatures

Turban Shell
Tiger Prawn
Spiny Lobster
Snow Crab
Sea Urchin
Sea Slug
Sea Grapes
Sea Cucumber
Sea Anemone
Red King Crab
Pearl Oyster
Northern ShrimpSweet Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp
Horseshoe Crab
Hair Crab
Giant Spider Crab
Giant Isopod
Ear Shell
Conger Eel
Chambered Nautilus
Acorn Barnacle


NameValueShadow MovementTimeMonth
Octopus200Big no movement9AM-4PMNovember-July,
Abalone4000Bigmoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Sea Grapes 6000Bigmoves in straight lineAll DayNovember-January
Clam300BigRuns away from you4PM-9AMAugust-May
Ear Shell1000Hugemoves in straight lineAll DayNovember-January
Oyster400Mediummoves in straight line4PM-9AMMay-September
Turban Shell150Mediummoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Red King Crab4000Mediummoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Giant Spider Crab900Mediummoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Pearl Oyster1500Mediummoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Horsehair Crab9000Mediummoves in straight lineAll DayAll year
Scallop100Mediumno movementAll DayAll year
Sea Anemone 1200Mediumruns away from you4PM-9AMAll year
Sea Star300Smallmoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Sea Cucumber300Smallmoves in straight line4PM-9AMAugust-May
Snow Crab200Smallmoves in straight lineAll DayJune-September
Acorn Barnacle200Smallmoves in straight lineAll DayJune-August
Lobster600Small, No movement4AM-9PMJune-September
Sea Urchin800SmallNo movementAll DayJune-August
Sweet Shrimp 400SmallNo movementAll DaySeptember-February
Sea Slug600Small, No movement4AM-9PMJune-September
Tiger Prawn300SmallRuns away from you4PM-9AMAugust-May
Mantis Shrimp 1250SmallRuns away from youAll DayJune-August
Spiny Lobster650SmallRuns away from youAll DayAugust-May
Flatworm200TinyNo movementAll DayJune-August,



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