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Acnl Guide- Complete Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

you are here reading this it means you are looking for animal crossing new leaf hair guide, then congrats. You are at the right place. Here you can find out all the guides which will be helpful in playing Animal crossing new leaf game which will Also help you to understand your ranking in the let’s start with a short introduction about ACNL-Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

It’s a life simulation video game very well developed and published for Nintendo 3DS console by Nintendo. Player character which is used in this game is populated with anthropomorphic animals take as a role of Mayor of the Town.

ACNL Gameplay

Let me introduce Animal crossing new leaf games in a short gameplay. You may already have listened about it. At the first, it seems like a normal game you will find your self in a town talking with the animals for the first time. There you have to assign some basic tasks like buying a home and register your self first as a citizen. The main goal of this game is “Paying Mortgage” that will be disclosed if you further keep playing this game. You may also put off from the game as it’s a part of this so you have to bear it as a level of the game. This relies on your imaginations it creates a very unique experience because of time investment. You can control the camera by D-pad and Zoom-in and zoom-out as well and move your characters with the circle pad.

Animal crossing new leaf Starting Guide

It starts with a train and you and you will meet Rover the Cat who will ask you about the time. Don’t be panic here. Be sure that you set the right time as this game is based heavily on the passing of time. Next Question will be about your name there you have to enter your name if you use any other word like “Princess” or “ Handsome” then it will ask you to re-input it.

The very next will be relevant to your Town name and picking a map. The map will show all the building and borders of your town. You can also change your map if you want to when it will ask you that you are happy or not. You can say “yes” for accepting or “Nope” for change the map in ACNL.

This Map will look boring and empty in the Start but after some time the other villagers will move in and then you will be able to construct more buildings in it. Further on it will ask some questions to check about your intentions.

Further on the game will start. You will meet your Secretary Isabell and she will take you to the town and few villagers will give you greetings as a mayor of the town. Isabel will send you to on your way to Nook’s Home as you need a home.

Tom Nook is the Estate Agent on Main Street also run Nook’s Home. You have to go there by walking aside on railroad tracks. After the conversation, you will get the Plot for your new home by Nook.

Tom Will start constructing your home once you will point out the spot to Tom until the home construction finish you have to stay in the tent. You will get a Welcome Present of a Lantern by Isabel. Isabel will ask you about your Birthday and give your town pass card. Then you will talk to the Tom and Discuss home Construction Expenses and have to pay 10000 Bells before home construction finish.

You have to pay that amount for this different tasks have to do for this. For more

Do u know:” Animal Crossing new leaf is on 8th number of Best Selling Nintendo 3DS video game and sold millions copies.” Ok! Let’s talk about ACNL guide. In this Guide we will let you know everything about this game so you can enjoy it very well.

ACNL Tips:

Here are some pro ACNL Tips that will help you enjoy this game more. These are truly essentials to all Animal Crossing new Lead Tips lovers. Some of these are, Try to find the Fish and bug which can be sold at any time any month. First, learn about Selling price and Locations then sale catchable. On your notification so that you can find out there’s an animal crossing in-game event.


Animal Crossing New Leaf Hair Guide

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Animal Crossing Hair Style & Hair Color Guide (shampoodle’s) will help you to choose the best hairstyle and hair color for your player. This guide will let you know the best hair shapes for your player. You need to get the haircut 15 times to unlock opposite gender haircuts. You get different styles and Color by Answering a series of questions.


Acnl Face Guide & Face Style 

At the beginning of this game,e you have to answer a few Rover’s questions on the train. You can have your favorite look by following chart answers. Animal Crossing New leaf Face guide will help you to get your favorite face shape and face style. But you have to Read this guide before Starting the Game.

Animal crossing new leaf fish guide [Strategy]

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Guide will help you to learn more about catching fishes and bugs. This guide will let you know which catchable things should have to collect and when is the good time to sell it and earn more Bells/Money. There are complete Details written about ACNL fish guide Post.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bug Guide List

There are 72 bug Species. Animal crossing new lead bug guide will help you to find out the right bugs and also let you know the rarest and common bugs. Bugs are insects and this guide will let you know the exact location of them.

animal crossing new leaf guide

ACNL Villagers Coffee List Guide

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In The Animal Crossing New Leaf Coffee Guide, you will get all the table lists of coffee preferences in the Cafe named as The Roost. Here you can also get a part-time job and meet the other villagers.


Animal crossing new leaf Redd’s Paintings Painting and Works of Art | Forgery Guide

Redd’s Gallery is famous for Selling Fake Art and you have to buy the Paintings or Sculpture to complete the Museum. Animal crossing new leaf art guide will help you to understand which painting or sculpture is original and which one is fake so that you can buy the original art in Acnl.

Eye Color Guide | Acnl Eye shape, Size & color

You can change your player’s eye color in Shampoodle saloon but after two weeks until the first change of your haircut and answering a few questions. I have mentioned all the questions and answers in animal Crossing new leaf eye guide so choose your answer wisely and get the best color you want for your player. Charges of contact lenses are 3000 bells.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Amiibo

A Free update releases by Nintendo to Animal Cross New Leaf that also added amiibo support with some new features. There are a couple of new things with this update. You can get all the guidebook here in Acnl Amiibo Guide.

Sea Catchables Guide Acnl

In this guide, you will learn about the fishes of Acnl. Here is the complete guide about the availability of them, Shadow Size, Time, Name and best selling time etc. So if you want to Earn more Bells or want the Best Price of your Catchable sea things then must read Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Guide.

animal crossing new leaf guide

Acnl new leaf flower guide

There will be so many Flowers in your town and will appear many more automatically you can also grow flowers with your villagers. Here you can buy new flowers from the Flower shop in ACNL.In Animal Crossing new Leaf Flower Guide you will read all about flowers, hybrid flowers, how to grow hybrid flowers in acnl etc.

Acnl Diving Guide

This guide is all about Swimming, Catching Deep Sea Creatures and diving with a wetsuit. Also, you will read about how to get a wetsuit, list of wetsuits and how to go on tours where you can win Medals. Read Animal Crossing New Leaf Diving guide to Read all this.

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Acnl Halloween Guide

The Autumn Event Halloween is celebrated by the villagers in Animal crossing new leaf. In this Event, characters wear a pumpkin on their head. Here you will find the details about Halloween masks in Animal crossing new leaf Halloween guide.

animal crossing new leaf halloween



Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide will help you to know more about ACNL and will you will find this game more joy able after reading this guide. Almost Guide of all factors is mentioned in It for your help and for your fingertips.


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